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Mold design

Thanks to many years of experience and modern technical facilities, we carry out the most advanced orders in the field of injection mold production.
Our company offers a comprehensive range of services for the entire production process of products by injection molding.
When designing plastic products, we take into account the rationalization of the shape of the detail in terms of the technology of plastics processing, the type of material from which a given element will be produced and a number of other requirements that are imposed on the moldings.
Development of the design and execution of the injection mold are the most time-consuming elements of the process of creating a detail. They often require the involvement of many departments of our plant. Due to the fact that the entire process of designing the molding and the tools takes place in close cooperation with our customers, even the most complex injection molds are created quickly and efficiently.
Preparation and implementation of the entire process takes place with the application of the principles of computer-aided design and manufacturing. The CAD / CAM / CAE software we use allows us to work and design so that the quality and innovation of the solutions achieved are at the highest level.

In addition to comprehensive services related to the design of injection molds, we also offer:
– services related to 3D CAD modeling – based on: 2D documentation, properly dimensioned sketches or photos
– creating 2D drawings and documentation.